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Shelby Brushwyler

Superstar Consultant

My Story

Hi my name is Shelby I am a wife and mom of 3. Our son Jake was born in 2007, Emily who is our heart angel born in 2010 and our last little Ethan who was born in 2012.

My Scentsy story began in November 2008 where I met the first Scentsy consultant and never had heard about it prior to that event I was there selling hair bows for little girls. I created my bow business as an outlet from our daughter passing away from a severe heart defect known as Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Kari explained how the Scentsy system worked and I said that is genius I love fragrance in my home but my son Jake he was 3 at the time would blow the flame out not allowing the house to be filled with fragrance. I bought a warmer and 1 Scentsy bar (cinnamon bear) at holiday boutique to try it out. I cracked open the box and put in 2 cubes of wax. After 15 minutes my house was full of scent like it has never experienced the scent throw Scentsy gave up was amazing! I was hooked!!! Kari had invited me to be a vendor at her holiday boutique at the beginning of December to sell my hair bows. I overheard how the commissions and how much it cost to sign up was. I went home and told my husband that I was going to sign up I promised him I wasn’t going to sell Scentsy it was just for my use only. I wasn’t going to purchase business cards and go crazy. I had gone down this road with another direct selling company and it wasn’t a fail so I wasn’t going to do that to our bank account again.   I received my kit and it felt like Christmas morning it was so fun smelling all of the testers.  My family came over for a party and smelled Scentsy and said what is that I showed them and thus they fell in love and said I want it in my house!  I said ok I will do 1 home party and collect orders in February 2011 I had my first Scentsy home show at my mom’s house fumbled my way through the show and booked 2 more shows how did I do that I said to myself. I went home to break it to my husband that this Scentsy thing was taking off without me trying so we both kind of shrugged our shoulders and took it day by day.   I took a warmer to my part time job where customers said I gotta have that. One of the customers that ordered her products came back the next day and said I need to sign up.  I looked at her and said um well I don’t have anyone on my team so let me figure all this out. Well she was my first recruit. Everything snow balled from there. 

I hit the biggest promotion of Director in November of 2012 with a team of 24. I never thought Director was even possible back when I joined in 2010. I have earned several trips with Scentsy one to Cancun Mexico, Atlantis Bahamas and most recent a cruise through the Mediterranean. My Scentsy team is full of a beautiful group of woman/men who care and help each other.

I would love to be your Scentsy consultant and if you want to take it to the next level I would love to help you with your wickless candle business!

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